One innovative way that Quay Advisors has raised money for clients is by issuing a bond.

If a company has assets but does not want to release equity to outside investors, Quay Advisors can arrange for a bond to be issued (in Luxembourg, or on other recognised exchanges) in order to raise funds, secured against the assets.  The bond will have an ISIN number, be graded by a recognised ratings agency and this grade will determine the interest rate payable on the bond.  The usual term for these bonds is 5 to 10 years.


There are billions of dollars parked in pension funds and with institutional investors who are keen to invest in secured debt instruments with a predictable yield.  The investor appetite for these bonds is immense as a consequence of the worldwide low interest rate environment.

Quay Advisors can provide a complete service to arrange these bonds for clients.  It is a particularly useful method of raising funds where significant property assets are owned, because day-to-day control of the assets can be retained by the owner.

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